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The Brewster Hjorth team have developed a reputation as creative, innovative thinkers who can produce unexpected and effective answers to their client’s challenges.
True innovation is of course much more than the production of fashionably aesthetic facades, it refers to an ability to deconstruct a problem, consider each component part and produce a solution which addresses the questions in new and creative ways.
We attack each of our projects from this perspective and this has lead to many very successful outcomes and design awards. In addition we have gained a specific reputation as creative and innovative thinkers in the fields of urban design, library design, ESD design and teaching facility design.

Program Organisation
We have an ability to review ‘blocking and stacking’ relationships between zones, groups and areas within a clients brief and find new ways to bring these parts together that overcome obstacles that have previously seemed entrenched.

>Mona Vale Civic Centre
We suggested that the new Library be buried under the adjacent parkland. This created a range of benefits, it allowed an important cross site link, it maintained the public park, created a new amphitheatre, made access to an upper level of the existing building possible and produced an award winning ESD structure. The project received ESD awards, Urban design awards and Civic design awards.

McQuoin Sports Centre, North Sydney
We proposed that the Sports centre and pool be stacked over each other and re-orientated. This created a building which sat into a natural hill, created a new much needed campus entry and allowed the addition of a new stage area. The resulting building won a number of design awards.

McCauley Place Teaching Facility
By rearranging the elements from the school’s masterplan we were able to satisfy heritage concerns, create an internal courtyard which could be used for year round teaching and respond to the new pedagogical requirements by providing a range of breakout and social learning spaces.

University of Wollongong, UniBar
By reassessing their existing campus masterplan we were able to re-orientate the project link with a range of important existing campus facilities. The building now faces the main lawn and allows a new campus entry and processional academic route in addition to being a highly successful social facility in its own right. The building won a number of design awards

Australian Institute of Police Management
The upgrade of the heritage campus on North Head has stalled for years due to environmental issues. We were able to re-assess the site planning and propose a more compact solution which stepped down the contours. By its smaller footprint it allowed a greater setback to the existing penguin rookeries. 

Linking Between Facilities
Our team has won a number of Urban Design Awards for our projects. These successes have come from our focus on finding pedestrian and movement path linkages between our designs and their surrounding environment.We aim to create ‘communities of buildings’, our projects are typified by their new connections and links which extend beyond the site.

Specific Areas of Innovation
Our team has developed a reputation for innovative and sometimes world leading design in new libraries and educational facilities.Brewster Hjorth libraries “push the envelope”. They respond to the shifts in paradigm which effect modern academic and civic libraries. Many new campus libraries comfortably replicate answers from the past, they will soon find themselves irrelevant. Our new libraries at Castle Hill, Concord, Ingleburn, Wallsend, and now at James Cook University in Townsville are designed to respond to social and technological changes by providing tailored environments for socialised learning, delivery of information using multiple media, to become an access for portal for digital information sourced globally.More importantly the respond to an encourage a convergence of facilities and services which will keep the library service relevant and attractions to its users.The tendency to convergence means that the services offered by student facilities areas and campus libraries are becoming similar and starting to overlap. The success of both depends upon the burring of boundaries between them.Our new UniCentre for UoW and Library for JCU are very similar in program.

Environmental Design
We have developed skills in incorporating effective ESD strategies in our public and educational projects. These outcomes have been achieved without incurring substantial additional costs to the projects. Our strategies have included:Using labyrinths to pre-cool supply airDeveloping solar induced /operated ventilation systemsIncorporating displacement type air supply systems Using in slab heating and coolingIncorporating atriums to allow penetration of natural light into lower levels
Our public projects have won numerous ESD awards.

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