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CSU Community Health Facility, Orange

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The School of Community Health and Rehabilitation at Charles Sturt University Orange Campus houses the School of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Science.

The new facility is located at the northern end of the campus main pedestrian axis which connects the building to the existing library, lecture theatre, student facilities, new School of Dentistry and School of Nursing.

Conceptual Framework
The building's design expresses a sophisticated rural aesthetic linking it strongly through form, colour and materials to its rural setting to create a beautiful and striking symbol for the campus. The project was intended to be a built symbol for the University, expressing its strong relationship to its rural place.  Light steel frame structures that support the roof sheeting are reminiscent of the eucalyptus trees adjacent to the site.
The forms are reminiscent both of rural sheds and high technology manufacturing plants.  The Ardmax roof sheeting supported on a steel framed structure soars over the glazed and metal clad building below.  Two types of metal cladding have been used to create texture and patterns in the external facade and reflect a modern interpretation of the rural shed.

Public Building and Cultural Framework
The building gives new life to the northern part of the campus and expands the campus teaching facilities in the medical and allied health facilities. The building has been designed to have a visual relationship and to interact with the existing adjacent buildings, the new landscaped forecourt opposite the main entry and to the new pedestrian link to the western area of the campus precinct and future development in this precinct of the campus.

Relationship with Built Form and Context
BHA worked closely with the University on the masterplan to locate the new building at the northern end of the campus main pedestrian axis. The building was designed to work with the site topography which falls approximately four metres from the south east to the north west corner.  The building on the eastern side is single storey high.  Students and staff enter the building on the upper floor in the south eastern corner which links directly to the main pedestrian axis and provides student access to the clinic, student interaction areas and amenities.  The lower floor on the western side of the building houses accommodation for academic staff.

Program Resolution 
The new facilities cater for the specialist teaching requirements of the faculty with large flexible column free teaching clinics.  High level windows in the two clinics provide ventilation, light and contact with environment outside whilst maintaining the Client's brief for privacy to these spaces. Spaces for  students to interact have been located adjacent to large areas of glazing which overlook and allow views into the building from the new western pedestrian axis and the extended northern pedestrian access.

Integration of Allied Disciplines 
BHA worked closely with the structural engineer to provide large column free internal spaces to meet the Client's brief and provide large overhangs externally to assist with preventing sun entering into spaces in summer.
BHA collaborated with the services engineers to ensure that the Client's requirements were incorporated.  Natural light has been optimised in the clinics via high level windows whilst maintaining the Client's brief for privacy in the clinics.

Cost Value / Outcome
A number of roof options were reviewed in the early Concept Design Phase.  Aramax roof sheeting supported on a structural steel frame was selected as there were significant cost savings compared to other options with a reduction in the quantity of structural steel required to support the roof.  It also enabled large roof overhangs to be incorporated into the design without perimeter edge beams.

This resulted in a reduction in the extent of additional sun shading elements required.

physical size: 1,500m2
cost: $7.2m
completed: November 2011


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